Crew Manning

Over the years, Epsilon has developed an extensive pool of seafarers, at any one time. Strict recruitment and selection criteria ensure the supply of experienced and qualified personnel. Furthermore Epsilon’s own Training centers, see to the continuous upgrading and enhancement of our seafarers’ skills and qualifications. At the same time the attendance paid to our seafarers and their family needs has earned Epsilon an enviable reputation and one of the highest retention and loyalty ratings of the industry worldwide.

Based on third party management, the level of our engagement may vary from just selecting a single seaman under our basic Crew Manning scheme up to the selection of a full crew and their dispatch. Epsilon is working in close synergy with the shipowners and ship managers endeavouring to establish an excellent working relationship that is to the benefit of our principals and the vessels’ smooth sailings. And now Epsilon is bringing this vast experience to Turkey with Omikron Crew Management to serve the Turkish officers and shipowners.

Crew Management

Our all-inclusive Crew Management scheme provides to the ship manager/owner all those time consuming operations related with the selection and deployment of seafarers. Under this scheme Omikron CM, in close co-ordination with all our company’s departments (Crew, Marine Travel, Agency, Training, Accounts etc), simply takes care of all the matters that are related with the human resources side of a vessel. Omikron’s job starts well before a seaman joins the vessel and usually goes on long after he’s back ashore. It’s an ongoing process as there are debriefing procedures to be followed and various training and upgrading courses to be attended by our seamen, necessitating from our part continuous planning and development.

Our principals under this scheme receive at the end of the day a computerized update of the vessel’s crew movements for their records, while full reports on the crew performance are submitted to them on a regular basis.

Outline Of Services

Our Crew Management scheme works under an annually agreed fixed monthly lumpsum amount, and is generally inclusive of the following items:

  1. Crew Wages, in accordance with the cover selected and the nationality used
  2. Recruiting expenses, inclusive of Visas, PTA collection fees, STCW Documentation, Medical examinations, Company made uniforms, safety shoes, winter and safety gear.
  3. Joining & repatriation ticket expenses and domestic travel expenses for all crew.
  4. Crew Victualling Cost.
  5. Primary Insurance cover for up to usual P+I deductible Communication charges (Epsilon outgoing) and Bank charges and exchange difference costs for Cash to Master
  6. Attendance expenses, including a number of regular visits annually by our staff (Port Captain or Supt. Engineer) to the ship
  7. In-House and CB Training
  8. MGA and accounts control
  9. Management Fee

Under this comprehensive scheme and as there’s no need for the Principal to retain a fully fledged crewing department, the benefits are that of better control, minimal capital expenditure and improved availability and retention ratio of officers and crew in general.

Omikron can also arrange for the deployment of Repair Teams or Gas Free Teams. These teams of well-trained professionals can tackle specific jobs on a short or medium term contract period.