Dedicated, Quality Crew Management & Training

We are crew managers, driven by a sole commitment: to enhance the operational efficiency of our Principal’s fleet by managing an exceptional talent pool of human resources at sea


Our service provision includes three basic schemes: Crew Management, Crew Manning and Training.


We are present in locations whose seafaring heritage, maritime education and human skills can support our common objective for a customized service provision.


Facts & Figures that translate into benefits for all parties concerned.

Our Clients

Don’t you want to be a part of the professional international maritime cluster and have the career opportunities to work with the top class maritime companies. Welcome to the gate that may transfer you to this society.

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14Offices Worldwide
60Clients for crewing
170Corporate clients for training
205Onshore personnel
1000Sefarers trained every month
15000Officers and Crew
5000Seaferes onboard at any time